• Song:

    Drivin' My Wife Away

  • Artist:

    Pinkard E Bowden

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Well I go out drinkin, comin? in late stinkin 
E5                                                      A5  
Tell my wife I left the car with the keys sittin by the highway 
And it got stolen 
Then I tell her to get dressed, high heels, Sunday best 
E5                                                     A5 
Big surprise, lots of fun, she thinks we?re going to a party 
Then we go bowlin? 

E5                    D5 
Oooooh I?m drivin my wife away 
                A5             E5 
She can?t take another day of me 
E5                     D5 
Ooooh, I?m drivin? my wife away 
Didn?t want her anyway  
Well the truck stop cutie, comin? on to me 
Wife?s along, getting? mad, she don?t think it?s very funny 
Still I keep flirtin 
Then she got new ?, slapped me on the temple, told me I could stay if I wanted to but she was gonna go 
My face is still hurtin? 
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