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Tony's Theme

Rythym Guitar is in chords and is clean, lead guitar is in tablature and uses distortion.

Lead Guitar plays this during the beginning and the chorus(TO-NY) -2-2-2-2-2-2-------------------------------------------- | -3-3-3-3-3-3-------------------------------------------- | ----------------0-2-0-------0-2-0---0-2-0-------0-2-0--- | --------------2-------2-2-2-------2-------2-2-2-------2- | -------------------------------------------------------- | -------------------------------------------------------- |
E5 G5 A5 E5 A5 She put the oil in the chain for a ride today, no boloney E5 G5 A5 E5 A5 Ride around on my bicycle like a pony E5 G5 A5 E5 A5 I'm wavin hi hi hi hi hi E5 G5 A5 Ggggimme the speed E5 A5 Gimme gimme the beat Oh Tony Chorus TO-NY TO-NY TO-NY TO-NY E5 G5 A5 E5 I can talk to my bicycle tire A5 I'm racin', E5 G5 A5 E5 Speed by, turn and pop a wheelie and burn A5 People chasin' E5 G5 A5 E5 I'm wavin' bye bye bye bye bye A5 E5 I got a card in my spokes A5 E5 I'm practicin' my jokes A5 I'm learnin' Chorus TO-NY TO-NY TO-NY TO-NY D5 G5 A5 This is a song about a superhero named Tony It's called: Tony's Theme
Lead Guitar Solo(Be quick, or it doesn't sound right, especially with the hammer ons.) -(b9)--------------------------12---------15--------11-12-11-12-11-12-11-12- | -9h10p(b9)(every 3 or 4 strums)--12--(8x)-15--------11-12-11-12-11-12-11-12- | -(b9)(16x)---------------------12---------15-(8x)---11-12-11-12-11-12-11-12- | -(b9)--------------------------12---------15--------11-12-11-12-11-12-11-12- | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | -15p14p13p12--(8x)----- | ----------------------- | ----------------------- | ----------------------- | ----------------------- | ----------------------- |
Be very fast and accurate in this part. I watched Joey do this. (You can figure out the chords from here. They haven't changed.) I can get by this sort If you give me some pass Some glasses on the back of the road He was even dressed like a toad That's what class is Chorus/Outro
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