• Song:

    If Only

  • Artist:

    Queens of the stone age

  • Album:

    Queens of the Stone Age

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Song: If only
ALbum: Queens of the stone age
ARtist: Queens of the stone age
Bassist: Nick Oliveri

Intro: (wait about two and a quarter bars, then enter)
E |---------------------------------------------|
B |-----9---------------------------------------|

Verse: (Nick has some little fills he does, but i dont bother to copy him EXACTLY, just 
really hard to get them.)
E |---------------------------------------------|
B |-------10-----9---------[10-9-7h9]-----------|
F#|---8-8----8/7--(7)-5-5-5-----3h5-------------|   ()=Optional
C#|-------------------------3h5-----------------|   []=One of the many fills

E |---------------------------------------------|
B |--------3~-3-3-3-3---------------------------|
F#|---5-3~------------2-3-4---------------------|      ~=Let ring

THats about it, fun song to play. When the song ends don't play from the F#|-5---- on. 
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