• Song:

    Im Designer Acoustic

  • Artist:

    Queens of the stone age

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This is my first go at this so bare with me. Im basing this on the you tube video they play acoustic.

Standard tuning


B      C     Eb

  B    C      Eb        B    C      Eb
    my generation's for sale, beats a steady job

  and so on

the second part uses these chords. Hit the E,D and B twice each and then theres a little 
back and forth from A to B twice.

E#?   Eb    B    A
-     -     -    -
-     -     -    -
10    8     8    6
10    8     9    7
8     6     9    7
-     -     7    5

E#         Eb                 B              slide A to B x2
The thing that's real to us is fortune and fame

E#        Eb               B      slide A to B
   all the rest seems like work

and the third part's just full on strumming using regular chords not power chords(except 
B x244xx). This might not be right but it sounds close.

    B         G        A           E
It's truely a lie, I'm counterfiet myself

Thats all i've got.
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