• Song:

    Only A Boy

  • Artist:

    Rod Stewart

  • Album:

    Tonight I'm Yours

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#This one is my all time favourite! It's a pretty simple song
and easy to play. It's my first attempt tabbing a song. Sorry
for remaining mistakes.#

Only a boy
Words & music by Rod Stewart, Jim Cregan & Kevin Savigar
From the album "Tonight I'm yours" (1981)
Tabs by rarerod (at) gmx.net (2010)

In the key of E, standard tuning.

h   - hammer on
b   - bend
rb  - release bend
p   - pluck off
~   - vibrato
\   - slide down to

Intro (use a lot of reverb!):

  Single file in the girls corridor.

  Come along, Stewart laddie!

1st verse:

    E                 B                         C#m                 G#m
"Stewart boy, you'll never be much cause you're too busy acting the fool."

  E                       B                    F#
Thank you, Sir, for them few kind words on my last day of school.

            E                B                   C#m                   G#m
Oh, but my mama said I could be a success if I'd only get myself out of bed.

 E                  B                          F#
Words of wisdom but I wasn't listening, I had plans in my head.


       E              B               C#m               G#m
Only a boy, trying it on, coming so strong, restless to roam.

       E              B                   C#m                  G#m
Only a boy, silly and proud, reckless and loud, impressing the crowd.

Only a boy

2nd verse:

  E               B                    C#m                        G#m
Rock and roll was in my brains, Eddie Cochrane running through my veins.

  E                    B                        F#
Skintight trousers in council houses, the unemployment exchange.

    E                    B                         C#m                     G#m
The blues I played were Mississippi made and every friday night I'd fall in love.

  E                  B               F#
Football fields and teenage pills, nothing's enough.


       E                B                C#m               G#m
Only a boy, dressing to kill, passion to spill, hand in the till.

       E                B             C#m             G#m
Only a boy, slipping it in, thin as a pin, chasing a dream.

Only a boy

Only a boy


Solo (use a lot of reverb!):


 ...down off the school roof, laddie!


3rd verse:

          E                 B                        C#m                  G#m
Oh, them Dukes of freedom I used to believe them and all their rebellious vows.

      E                      B                     F#
The critics, the cynics who never understood it, where are they now?

             E                 B              C#m                    G#m
And all the wondering and the stumbling that goes hand in hand with change.

      E                          B                          F#
The yearning, the earning was it all part of learning or am I still the same?


       E               B               C#m              G#m
Only a boy, laughing aloud, quick as a shot, nobody can stop

       E                 B                C#m                    G#m
Only a boy, plans of his own, leaving his home, knows where he's going.

Only a boy

Only a boy
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