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Right Or Wrong

You don't ever worry where I've gone
                              Gm     Eb
When I'm not at home I'm the lonely one
You don't talk about it In the way what you use to say
         Gm   Eb
Couldn't be undone

      Ab       Eb          Ab      Eb             
Is it right or wrong, Baby I can't tell
  Bb                            Cm 
A lot of people do it and they do it so well
Ab       Eb           Ab      Eb             
Right or wrong, baby, I don't know
         Bb                           Ab         C#  Ab  C#  Ab  Eb
It's the only thing I think about wherever I go

You don't ever ask me where I've been when I'm coming in 
You're not concerned
I could be sleeping all around, all over town
I think it's time I learned


Right or wrong (repeat 3 X)

by: José Duarte
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