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From: keithr5165@aol.com (KeithR5165)
Subject: Re: REQ: Satin Sheets

Okay, here it is. This is the Shawn Colvin version.

Tuning - Open G (DGDGBD low to high).

Shawns version is capoed on the 5th fret, Willis is un-capoed.
You have to play around with a lot of hammerons to get the feel of this
one (especially between the G and G*).
Chords -

G (320003@1)   X00000
G*    X02010
D7    020210
F6/9  303010
Cadd2 X5X050
Gm/Bf  X3X030
A7add4 X2X020
Afmaj7f5 X1X010

G (320003@1)                G*             D7I (xx0212@1)wish I was a millionaire  I'd play rock music and grow long hair

  F6/9 (100011@1)                         GI (320003@1)tell ys boys,  I'd buy a new Rolls Royce

                                         D7Pretty (xx0212@1)people come to me,  I'd give em all the third degree

                 F6/9 (100011@1)                             GI'd (320003@1)give em Satin Sheets, I'd keep em off the streets

D7 (xx0212@1)                                                      F6/9 (100011@1)          GDoo (320003@1)Doo___Doo   doo   Doo_____doo  doo.


D7 (xx0212@1)           GHallelujah (320003@1)  Whats it to ya

D7 (xx0212@1)                                                             GPraise (320003@1)the Lord and pass the mescaline

D7 (xx0212@1)                GPraise (320003@1)Jehovah   He'll come over

   D7Csus2 (xx0212@1)Soon as you see me boogie-woogie cross the silver screen


Gm/Bf     A7add4    Afmaj7f5

and so on.

The last chord is just a full harmonic on the 12th fret.

BTW, If anybody's got chords or TAB to Angel Eyes by Willis Alan Ramsey,
it would be appreciated.


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