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    Soul Asylum

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Soul Asylum
(Dave Pirner)

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From: Tone M

Intro: C Bb x2

C              Bb       C       Bb
Follows me wherever we go
C       Bb              C       Bb
Undermining all that we know
F              C              F              C
Suddenly starts thinkin' been fooled from the beginnin'
F                     C              F              C
When the cause is lost you find there is no point in winnin'
Am              G                            F              C
Then it's hard to think straight when your head it keeps on spinnin'

C       F       G       F       G       C
If I lost my mind, would you help me find it

Maybe it's you, maybe it's me
Things aren't quite the way they should be
And now it seems my peace of mind has come up for the biddin'
All those I respect and trust I guess they were just kiddin'
And they will say it's me who's lost, and you sit there grinnin'
My little world has lost control but still it keeps on spinnin'

If I lost my mind, would you help me find it
If I lost my mind, I wouldn't have to be reminded

C       F       C       F       C       F       G
If I lost my, mind I'm not sure I wouldn't mind
F       G       C
Would you help me find it
C       F       G       F
If I lost my mind, would you help me

C       Bb       C       Bb
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