• Song:

    The Scourge Of The Black Spot

  • Artist:

    Sounds Like Chicken

I noticed no one has put this song up yet. It's really fun to play, simple, and 
company always gets a kick out of it.

      Am               E
As we set out on the seas
      Am                E
Our sails and spirits high
     Am           E
All hands to the deck
            F              E
The Jolly Roger's in the sky
Am            E
Pillaging and plundering
    Am             E
Is what we do for fun
     Am                 E
And when the bootie's counted
        F                 E
We'll drown ourselves in rum

Dm Am           E               Am
Woah! You'll be swinging by the neck
Dm Am   E             Am
Woah! High above the deck
Dm Am             E             Am
Woah! Spill your blood into the sea
Dm Am      E -
Woah! A pirate's life for me

(Pirates talking interlude thing)
Am, E, Am, E, Am, E, F, E

    Am                  E
We attack this peaceful haven
         Am                  E
We will scourge and we will slaughter
       Am              E
We'll raise it to the ground
            F                   E
And we'll steal the governer's daughter
   Am                 E
To fight the dread of scurvy
    Am                 E
We each will down ye orange
         Am             E
And we'd battle to the death
         F              E
For our Captain Peghead Borange!

Then the chorus two more times, and that's it!
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