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G5                 C5               G5           C5
You don't want to hear it but the words in my mouth
G5               C5                 G5          C5
You don't wanna know  it so I'll try not to shout
G5             D5         C5                       G5   G5
But I've been lonlelier with you than I was without
                C5          D5           E5
And now there's nothing to say but goodbye
C5              G5     G5          C5       D5          E5
You keep going crazy   and honey you may never know why
           C5              G5       C5           G5
But if you leave it to me oh baby we're gonna see
            A5                   D5     A5           D5
Pretty goodbyes you just take it easy  and don't cry now
G5                    C5              G5             C5
Well you don't wanna see it but the moons in your eyes
G5                   C5                G5        C5
And you don't wanna know you've been living a lie
G5        D5            C5                      G5   G5
I use to love you but baby the good has gone by
C5              D5            E5  C5                    G5     G5
Now we've been here for so long and we could make it easy
     C5      D5             E5                C5
Baby pretty soon when I'm gone well you can open your eyes
G5    C5          G5
And have a good cry  but say goodbye    tell me goodbye
             A5        G5
Say a pretty goodbye
         E5       C5           D5             E5
Baby you could be gone with a smile on your face
           C5                   B5          E5      A5
Instead of letting  those good tears go to waste
E5               A5
It's your life  don't look back
E5                      A5   B5      E5
You know nothings been taken you can close your eyes
What will I
E5                   A7^?
Everybody's is mistaken sometimes
Now the hurts in your eyes and you show it
So why stick around till you blow it
    G5                    A5           G5
Say goodbye  bye bye bye tell me goodbye
C5                        G5
Goodbye  goodbye   goodbye
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