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yo. here are the chords.. the only one I am not completely sure about is the B and Bm7 part.

chord name (EADGBe)

A       (57765x)
Dm7sus2 (x5765x)
D       (x57775)
E       (022100)  or   (x7999x) if you're feeling it noemsayin
Bm      (x24432)  or   (799777)
Bm7     (x24232)  or   (797777)

Intro: A - Dm7sus2   (play twice)

You were getting tired

I was lying beside you

With your head without a pillow

I would have given you mine

But I couldn't let you go

I could tell you were dreaming

And I know it couldn't be about me

       D or Dm7sus2 *strum once*
'Cause you don't know me

Interlude: play A over the "solo"

And I bought a dozen flowers

Eleven were roses

And the other one was a daisy

And I was thinking about it

And giving them to you

But I thought of a way to get closer to you

So I came over and knocked on your door

But you, weren't home 'cause

D or Dm7sus2           A                           
You don't know how and ooh

    E        Bm       Bm7
And ooh, and ooh, and ohh

    A      E      Bm    Bm7
And I, and I, and I, am tired

When we walk through the park

And the autumn around us could almost numb our hands

There's something about you I can't seem to see

'Cause I've been waiting around for a moment like this

It's a moment I thought that I'd never miss

                         D or Dm7sus2
But noticed this, 'cause I don't know you

    A        E        Bm   Bm7
and ooh, and ooh, and ooh, ohh

    A      E      Bm    Bm7
And I, and I, and I, am tired

    A                   E
And I don't want to say goodnight

'Cause I'm not tired like you

No, I'm not tired like you (x3)
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