• Song:

    Streetlight Medley

  • Artist:

    Streetlight Manifesto

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After I started learning songs by Streetlight Manifesto, I noticed that some songs 
have chord progressions that are similar... and sometimes the same. Not too long 
ago, I got the idea to put a medley together - Much like the infamous 
Point/Keasbey Nights/Counterpoint that every SM loves so much. Except this 
one isn't quite as epic, and it contains a few more songs. 5 to be exact. So, I put
one together last night containing 12341234, The Big Sleep, Supernothing, 
One Foot On the Gas, One Foot In the Grave, and Somewhere In the Between. 
This is a rough version, and I'm sure it could be better. These tabs are not my 
own, I got them from this site, though I did make a change here and there. If 
you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to email me - mattiewarunek@yahoo.com.

Streetlight Medley

Words and Music by Tomas Kalnoky

Arranged by Matt Warunek


Ce |---|---|-x-|---|---|B |-x-|---|---|---|---|G |---|---|---|---|---|D |---|-x-|---|---|---|A |---|---|-x-|---|---|E |---|---|---|---|---|
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