• Song:

    The Big Time

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    The Drowners

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Main Riff (not entirely correct, but close)

Am G Am D9/F# Fmaj7 Am F E

Am              G    Am           D9/F#
I watch the slow hand kill the day
Fmaj7           Am      F    E
I see my starring role tick away

(repeat the chords)

I watch the skyline for him to come
And when he comes along we'll be gone...


                Am          G       Dm     Fmaj7
... And We'll go into the city, into the light
Bb                      Am        F        E
We'll be there in the headlines, there overnight

       Am          Em         F        E
'Cos this is the big time, this is the way
Bb               Am               F        E
Now he's in the big time, he'll show you the way
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