• Song:

    Building On Fire

  • Artist:

    Talking Heads

  • Album:

    The Name of This Band I...

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Tom: D5

     D5       G5                 D5          G5
when my love    stands next to your love,
           D5          G5           D5         G5
I can't compare love    when it's not love.
     D5         G5       D5          G5
It's not love;    It's not love
         D5        G5             D5         G5
Which is my face,    which is a building,

(the chords start here)

            D5      G5
which is on fire
   D5     G5
on fire.

so the whole song is just D for one measure and G for the next.  It 

changes at the instrumental with the horns before 'I got two loves'
          | : F5     C5     C5     G5 : | 
Which is on fire 

then it instantly goes back to D5 and G5 until the final chord which is a 
D.  it sounds cool if, after the instrumental you strum the D chord with 
long strums while you strum the G5 chord withfour staccato quarter note 
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