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tabbed by Paul Castanos 

Standard Tuning  Capo 5

Play every time ?G6? appears: 

G5       320000
G5 *      330000
G5       320000
G5 **     300000

Violin Intro   

e | ----------------------------------------------------- | 
B | ---13 13 13---10 10 10 ------------------------------ | 
G | -------------------------12 12 12---10---(b9)10-9 ----- | 
D | ----------------------------------------------------- | 
A | ----------------------------------------------------- | 
E | ----------------------------------------------------- |  x2

Intro     G5 x2 E5 C5 G5

And it starts sometime around midnight                   
       E5                            C5                    G5
Or at least that?s when you lose yourself for a minute or two
As you stand under the bar lights
           E5                             C5                     G5
While the band plays some song, about forgetting yourself for a while
          E5                         C5              G5
And the piano's this melancholy soundtrack for her smile
      E5            Pause!!!          C5                            
That white dress she's wearing, you haven?t seen her for a while

But you know, that she?s watching
        E5                             C5                       G5
She?s laughing, she?s turning. She?s holding her tonic like a cross
     E5                               C5                        G5
The room's suddenly spinning, as she walks up and asks how you are
            E5                         C5                         G5
So you can smell her perfume, you can see her lying naked in your arms

And so there?s a change in your emotions
               E5                      C5                      G5
When all these memories come rushing, like feral waves to your mind
          E5                      C5                     G5
Of curl of your bodies, like two perfect circles entwined
             E5                         C5                      G5
So you feel hopeless and homeless, and lost in the haze of the wine

Then she leaves with some one you don't know
        E5                           C5                       G5
But she makes sure you saw her, she looks right at you and bolts
        E5                             C5                        G5
As she walks out the door, your blood boiling, your stomach in ropes
       E5               Pause!!!               C5           
Oh and when your friends say, "what is it you look like you?ve seen a ghost"

Bridge  (strong strumming) G5 .... C5 D5 E5 .... C5 D5 G5

Then you walk under the streetlights                 
           E5                         C5                     G5
And you?re too drunk to notice, that everyone is staring at you
                E5                          C5                      G5
You just don?t care what you look like, the world is falling around you

you just have to see her
you just have to see her
you just have to see her
you just have to see her
you just have to see her

you know that she'll break you in two....  G6  Em  C

*Been on this site for a long time and this is my first time tabbing here.
 woohooo! Anyhow, this is a beautiful song I tabbed from watching one of 
their acoustic concerts in youtube. The "violin" part is optional, it's not
 even close to the real thing, but you can definitely add your own flair to 
it (or omit entirely). Enjoy.
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