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Capo 3rd Fret

Am           C/G             E
not relative to capo
e----88-88--6--3---------------------------------- | 

   Am                    C/G                         E
    Meet me down by them local downed trees theres a thousand things
              E                Am                          C/G
    you gotta see to beleive.     well lay then bones down at my feet
               E                        E               Am
    were gonna look into the future see what we can see.    man they
                           C/G                       E
    sayin the future looks pretty damn dim i couldnt say if your gonna
    E               Am                         C/G
    sink or swim.   gimme five dollars and ill sing you a song im gunna
    E                      E
    tell you something you knew all along, thats a,

    Am                G                     Am
    yes i know we all die at the end of the road there aint nothin round
                 Am                  G                     E
    here you can hold when i go just take my bones scatter them from here
    back to my home

 Am                C/G                E               G

  e----88-88--6--3---------------------------------- | 
    now listen to me when i speak
    i said i do my best talkin when im fast asleep
    lay your head down next to mine
    were gunna listen to the spirits of the dead just whine on
    come on hit me with those iron wings
    were gunna fly so high we can see everything
    god damn it feels good to have my feet on the ground
    hope to good god almighy that ill never come down
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