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                        Chief Inspector Blancheflower - The Fiery Furnaces
Tabbed by: The Valrus
Email:     valrus@bluebottle.com

Tuning:    Standard

Note:      Credit is due to the analysis at Clap Clap Blog, which
           prevented me from spending any more time than I absolutely needed to
           on figuring out the chords for the ADD kid section.

/*=============================|ADD kid section|=============================*/

(If you absolutely *must* try to play this part on a guitar.)

                                (The chords given are played on an autoharp.)

Verse: [C]

Chorus: [C] [F] [G]

Outro: [N.C.]

/*==========================|The Scottish Detective|==========================*/

Verse: [D] [Em] [Bm] [A   A  A  D  D  A  A]

Pre-chorus (I guess that's what you'd call it): [G] [A] [D] [C]

Weird thing after verse: [G G G G G G C# C# C# C# C# C#]

Bridge: [D] [F] [G] [Bb] [C]

Chords over solo: [D5] [A5] [D5] [A5] [C5]

Outro: [N.C.]

/*==============================|The Fratricider|=============================*/

Verse: [D] [Bm] [G] [D]
(Until "You can tell me anything that you want, 'cept I started seeing Jenny")

After that, there's not repetition to the chords, so:

I started seeing Jenny.

        My Jenny?
        And he looked down at the floor.
   [G]                           [A]      [D]
You know damn well she ain't your Jenny no more.

          [D]                        [Am]
And I said Get her on the phone.

                      [G]                [F#]
Don't you think it's a little late?

No I don't think it's a little late.

     [A]                                [D]
But I went out the room cause I knew I'd better wait.

[E]                            [B]
    So I went down to her dad's bakery and she said
[E]                                  [B]
    I'm gonna go outside, take a break, smoke a cigarette.
   [A]                    [E]
I'm still surprised at how mad you get.

Well what'd you expect?

        [G]                        [F#]
That you wouldn't try to wreck your little brother's happiness.

And I said Listen to you!

[G]                        [D]
        I know what you're trying to do.
And what whould that be?

[Bb]                                           [A]
    Mess with Michael's head as some kind of revenge back at me.

    [D]                           [Bm]
So I drove up to Springfield in my wife's new car

     [Bm]                       [G]           [D]
And I went and had a drink at my buddy's old bar.

Outro: [C]    [Dm]    [Am]

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