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a base ? a mesma na m?sica inteira, inclusive nos solos: B5 G5 E5 F#5

B5 G5 E5 F#5

The ideal girl
In London from France
Came over then left me
She left me entranced
Now I have to get by
Once again on my own
        E5        F#5
Nothing but memories

     B5                      G5
So I remember your eyes that unique shade of brown
            E5                           F#5
While these blue eyes of mine they stay closed
  B5                        G5
I kissed you goodbye on the M109
  E5                           F#5
I choked as I watched the bus go

    B5                          G5
I'm choking and smoking to your angelic soul
    E5                          F#5
I'm choking and smoking myself into a hole
          B5                 G5
Where the only way out is to sleep and to dream
       E5            F#5
And to cry out your name
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