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A classic song from a band that had a stream of hits in the 60's.
Most of their songs were written by Phillip Goodhand-Tait and were big productions with
lots of orchestration. Although a big success they were heavily criticised by the media
for not playing their instruments on some of their recordings, relying on session
musicians and an orchestra. However I saw them live in the late 60's and found them to 
be a good
live band with plenty of energy and some great guitar work by Rex Brayley with Steve
Ellis adding a vocal sound which still today takes some beating.
If any of the band, (Steve Ellis, Rex Brayley, Mike Jackson, Mo Bacon or Morgan Fisher)
get to see this tab please drop me an email - love to hear from you, and please correct
any mistakes I've made!!


Bringing On Back The Good Times
Recorded by The Love Affair

Original key Eb. Use a capo at fret 1 to play with the CD.

Verse 1
D               A
Since you went away
G                   A
I've been losing my sleep at night
      D                      A
Never thought there'd come a day
G                          A
When you'd be back to make everything right
    G                 A
But how wrong could I be
     G                    A
'Cos now you're here with me

D           A        Bm
Bringing on back the good times
Em      G       A
Taking away the pain
       D           A        Bm
You're bringing on back the good times
        Em               A
And I'm living on air so glad that you're there
D         A       Bm
Sweeping away the sad times
Em        A
Making me laugh again
       D           A        Bm
You're bringing on back the good times
        Em                A                   D     G D
And you started me livin' now that I'm lovin' again

Verse 2
D               A
I've never been loved
   G              A
By anybody that's quite like you
   D                      A
So when you're telling me of
G                       A
All the things you want me to do
G                  A
Now you've made me see
G                A
What you mean to me

Chorus x3

If there are any golden oldie classics (just lyrics and chords) that you would like
posting on this site please drop me an email.
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