Crashing Down
The Pursuit of Happiness

Ok well theres 3 major parts to this...... it's 4/4, and it requires a good
long listen to make any sense of but here goes.....

First off there's the intro/bridge which is kind of hard to tab (for someone
with as little talent as me) but is basically:

e x----x--x--x---------- (x)
B 2----7--7--5---------- (2)
G 2----7--7--5---------- (2)
D 2----7--7--5---------- (2)
A 0----5--5--3---------- (0)
E 0----5--5--3----2--3-- (0)

which probably gives you no idea..... so let me try again with a time chart:

 A   D D    C   F#G
|/ / / / | |/ / / /] (the last 2 are notes, not chords as per diagram above)

and you can add a
e --------5-|
B 3H~5P~3---|
G ----------|
D ----------|
A ----------|
E ----------|
afterwards if you're feeling ambitious
(B string: 3 hammer on to 5, pull of to 3, upper E: 5)
sorry about the overkill btw but I'm not exactly confident that I'm
representing this properly......
I'm sure that if you're even attempting this that you'll be able to put in
your own fills anyhow.

this is played for 2 bars

Secondly there is the verse structure, played with 2 guitars, double tempo

Riff2, first guitar:
e x--x-x-x-x-x--x-x-x-x-|
B 2--5~7~5~7~5--5~7~5~7-|
G 2--5~7~5~7~5--5~7~5~7-|
D 2--5~7~5~7~5--5~7~5~7-|
A 0--3~5~3~5~3--3~5~3~5-|
E x--x-x-x-x-x--x-x-x-x-|
~ is slide btw (is this standard ?, sorry to be an idiot)

there's 2 bars of this and then guitar 2 joins in the fun

Riff 3, second guitar:
e 5---8~10~-8~10~10---8~10~-8~10-|
B 5---8~10~-8~10~10---8~10~-8~10-|
G 6---9~11~-9~11~-9---9~11~-9~11-|
D 7--10~12~10~12~10--10~12~10~12-|
A 7--10~12~10~12~10--10~12~10~12-|
E 5---8~10~-8~10~ 8---8~10~-8~10-|
for (go on, guess) 2 bars

so in summary riff 2 is A-CDCDC-CDCD in the open position (A fingering)
              riff 3 is A-CDCDC-CDCD in the 5th position (E fingering)
only the middle C in riff 3 has some kind of bastardised 7th added
(someone PLEASE put me out of my misery :).... moe, where are you ?)

and then finally (and most easily) the chorus

guitar 1:
D        Dsus4   D
One more cof --- fee,
Three more aspirins,
         G                D
Two more Vitamin B
       Dsus4 D
Much regret  now,
That the mornings'
Crashing Down on me

guitar2: (arguable) Riff 4
basically just plays Dsus4 (picked), i.e.:

e 2------2-3-2--2-3-2---2-3-2-3-2-|
B 3----3-------3------3-----------|
G 2-------------------------------|
D 0-------------------------------|
A 0-------------------------------|
E x-------------------------------|
just follow the beat of the vocal for this.......

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO (why did I ever start this damn song ?)

Riff 1 (x2)

Riff 2
I don't need that drink - I know I've had enough
How much is enough ? Deciding that is kind of tough....

Riff 2
Are all those emptys mine, oh lord have mercy
Hey, I didn't realise I was so thirsty

Riff 2 + Riff 3 (2nd guitar)
(just play the 2nd guitar bit if you're solo, IMHO it's crucial to the song)
I'm so stupid now I want out of my skin
People can see me weaving out and weaving in

Riff 2 + Riff 3 (2nd guitar)
My personality divides and mutates
A shit eating grin is plastered on my rubber face

Riff1 (x2)

Riff 2
I feel like dancing I really hope I don't
I want to go home so bad I can't believe I won't

Riff 2
Somethings filling me with poisonous ideas
While I'm filling my belly with strawberry margueritas

Riff 2 + Riff 3 (2nd guitar)
Tequila makes me sick, I hope that I don't get
At least not in public, please not yet

Riff 2 + Riff 3 (2nd guitar)
Instead I'll find some poor victim for my disembodied mouth
I start talking real loud about something he don't care about

Riff 1 (x2) (plus some nice showoff fills, I just bend B-3 a lot ;) )

Chorus:(plus G2 picking riff 4)
D        Dsus4   D
One more cof --- fee,
Three more aspirins,
         G                D
Two more Vitamin B
       Dsus4 D
Much regret  now,
That the mornings'
Crashing Down on me

Riff2 (x2) (yes same as before, I'm just getting bored)
A few beers later I feel like mating
I asked the girl how old she was she told me she was eighteen
I made a judgement error, I wasn't thinking
I never would have done it if I hadn't got so stinking

Riff2 (x2) + G2 Riff3 (x2)
Good thing I found out before I got her home
But I didn't get my change from the cab driver, oh no
The bartender and the convenience store clerk
It's getting expensive being such a fucking jerk

Riff 1 (x2)


Solo (yeah, right. I can barely play it never mind transcribe it)
over Riff1 x2

Chorus (x2)

A (feedback fade)

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