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All the World is a Stage (Dive)
this song is generally played on piano, but if you have some rhythm you can pull 
it off with guitar.


A- E - A -E repeat as necassary
i use these A & E chords for the intro, and verse
A   E
x   x
10  x
9   13
11  14
12  14
x   12

The other parts are all bars or power chords if you like.

A                              E                   E
Quiet desperation it ain?t my, it ain?t my goddamn scene.
         D#             D
I don?t know if you can follow me,
D        A      E
but lets see.
My friends!
To the wine and to the stage!
                     E        D#  D
If you squander your precious and beautiful days,
that makes you a sucker.
You don?t want to be a sucker do you?
D      E                A
To the quitters and the complainers,
D                    E
if we never meet again
           A - Ab - Gb - A
remember when ?-

all the world was a stage dive,
all the world loved a clown, 
knowing how the clown hated them
                              A - Ab - Gb - E
and all the clowns in the house
E - Gb - Ab- A
stared up at the stage.
They used to get so mad.
The had such a good thing that day
                        A - Ab - Gb - E
but at the last minute it just sort of went bad.
They lost their nerve,
They just went straight.
They didn?t have the balls to hold it down and

they brought everybody else right down with them
While clowns must stand.

So welcome.
Welcome to the scene!
You?ve all got to come out and have a drink with me. I?ll buy round one,
you buy round two,
you buy round three.
We?ll make a toast to absent friends
and better days,
to remembering and being remembered as brave
and not as a bunch of whining jerks.
To the quitters and the complainers,
if we never meet again remember this ?-

All the world is a stage dive
All the world loves a clown.
You know that clowns hate them and
how hard it is to get a clown out of the house
and up on the stage.
But tonight you?ve come, you?re here, I?m so glad.
Don?t forget how it feels kids and don?t crap out.

Don?t lose your nerve.
Do not go straight.
You must testify or
I?m going to come to your house to
punch you in the mouth
?cause clowns must stand.

When a clown goes straight all clowns are hurt. When a clown abandons his passion
all his friends end up with egg on the face.
Clowns must stand.
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