• Song:

    Dirt In The Ground

  • Artist:

    Tom Waits

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From: HENSCHJ5753@uni.edu
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 18:59:05 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Tom Waits_Dirt in the Ground

Tom Waits--Dirt in the Ground (written by T. Waits and Kathleen
from Bone Machine--1992

Verse 1:
Fm           C#      Fm        
What does it matter, a dream of love
Or a dream of lies
      Eb                    Ab         
We're all gonna be the same place 
When we die
Fm                      C#
Your spirit don't leave knowing
Fm                C#
Your face or your name
And the wind through your bones
   Ab       C7
Is all that remains
Fm                  C#   Eb  Fm   
And we're all gonna be... 
(4 times)
Fm (sung only)
Just dirt in the ground

Verse 2:
Fm               C#
The quill from a buzzard
Fm                   C#
The blood writes the word
          Eb            Ab
I want to know am I the sky 
or the bird
       Fm      C#
'Cause hell is boiling over
Fm            C#
And heaven is full
We're chained to the world
    Ab           C7
And we all gotta pull
Fm                  C#  Eb  Fm
And we're all gonna be...
(4 times)
...Just dirt in the ground

Verse 3:
        Fm         C#
Now the killer was smiling
     Fm             C# 
With nerves made of stone
He climbed the stairs
        Ab      C7
And the gallows groaned
        Fm                   C# 
And the people's hearts were pounding
          Fm                   C#
They were throbbing, they were red
As he swung out over the crowd
            Ab      C7    
I heard the hangman said
Fm              C#   Eb  Fm    
We're all gonna be...
(4 times)
Just dirt in the ground

Verse 4:
    Fm        C#
Now Cain slew Abel
   Fm                C#
He killed him with a stone
The sky cracked open
        Ab      C7 
And the thunder groaned
Fm               C#
Along a river of flesh
Fm                  C#
Can these dry bones live?
Ask a king or a beggar
        Ab             C7  
And the answer they'll give
Fm                 C#  Eb  Fm
Is we're all gonna be...
(4 times)
We're all gonna be just

Jeff Henscheid
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