• Song:

    Jaynes Blue Wish

  • Artist:

    Tom Waits

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I am mostly sure of these chords.

A/Gm :   xx2323
B7   :   x21202
E7   :   020100

Intro: D  B7  Em  A

    D          B7      Em
The sky holds all our wishes

     A                      D
Dish ran away with the spoon

   G      E7            D           B7
Chimney smoke ties the roofs to the sky

There's a hole overhead

It's only the moon

            D   B7    Em 
Will there ever be a tree

 A             A/G        Bm
Grown from the seeds I've sown

  G        E7       D    B7
Life is a path lit only by

     Em        A          D    B7
The light of those I've loved

        Em       A       D
By the light of those I love

Horn Solo! (Uses same chords and then repeats final three lines of lyrics at the end).
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