B7 ? x24242


     E            C               D              G
On a morning in November you were blinded by the sun
C                  Am                B7
In your place that makes you feel so safe from everyone
       E         C          D          G
You're totally oblivious to world poverty
    C               B7                Em    Em7
Not affected by the millions that you don't see

          C                        G
And so we toast to opportunity and talk about the weather
  D                               Em     Em7
Although we never look each other in the eye
       C                             G 
We are paranoid and out of step with every word that we just said
   D                           B7                               Em
We all sound fucking crazy and no one can lie down in their own bed

          C              G                   B7
And so we live under the garden where we can hide
                  Em       Em7
And not smell the dregs of earth
            C               G               B7              Em7
Beneath the sun of the same planet, inherit wealth, inherit dirt
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