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    Another Sleep Song

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Another Sleep Song (Graham Nash Cover) - Travis

Capo on 7th

I picked out the chords from watching this played live.


Em7                      C
All i need is someone to awaken me

Much of me has gone to sleep

And im afraid to wake up

Shake me by the shoulders, if i'm lying with now

 D                                       Em7
When i talk about the times i sleep away

And it's hard to face the day

Em7      C       C#       Em7

When i think of all the love

It's taken me

D                              Em7
How much do i get to keep, and how much should i give up

Shake me by the shoulders, if i'm lying to you now

   D                                  Em7
I'm listening to the lies inside my head

Who can hurt you in your bed

Em7    C    C#    Em7

Bm                        C
Fear of other people is a thing i hate

Bm                       C
Travel in a bubble and i can't relate 

Bm                    C
Something's happening to my head

I don't wanna hurt you but 

I never heard i word you said

Em7   C    C#    Em7

Em7                              C
Has this empty hollow heart foresaken me

  D                                    Em7
I wonder when i get to feel like i did

Before i grew up

Shake me by the shoulders if im lying with you now

 D                                   Em7
There is no time to waste another day

As we watch them fly away

Em7   C    C#   Em7

End on Em7

C#  054030
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