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Intro [electric 12-string; played 4X; band enters 3rd time]:

       v   v   v   v
      ----------------- | 
      ----------------- | 
      -----2--2--0---0- | 
      ---------2------- | 
      -0--------------- | 
      ----------------- | 

Verse 1:

       E [12-string repeats intro riff on E/A/D strings]
      You can try to please me
      But it won't be easy
      Bm               A
      Stone walls surround me
               G                    D
      I'm surprised that you even found me


               A                       D
      And you don't stand an outside chance
                                   (you don't stand an outside chance)
          B7                       E
      You don't stand an outside chance
                   A [intro riff 2X]
      But you can try

Verse 2:

      Whatever you do girl
      You know you can't get through girl
      Can't bring me down
      Hang me up or even hang around

[repeat chorus]

Electric piano solo:

      A                                                G D  Em  D
      / / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /


      G            D          Em
      I know you think you'll get me
      G          D        Em
      I'm only flesh and bone
               G      D      Em
      But you may as well forget me
      G           D       Em
      'Cause my heart is stone
                            A [intro riff 2X]
      You better leave me alone

[repeat verse 1]

[repeat chorus]


       E                 A [intro riff]
      Stand an outside chance                 [rant to fade]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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