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G                     Bm
From the time I fall asleep,
        C                 D            G   Bm  C D
til the morning comes,..I dream about..you baby.
      G        Bm
And I feel all right,
        C    D                     G   Bm   C G
cause I know tonight I?ll be with..you baby.
Bm               Am
And who makes me feel like smiling,
         C            D
when the weary day is through?

G   C     D    C          G    C     D          G
You baby, you..no one but you, baby..nobody but you. (x2)

         G        Bm
They say candy is sweet,
       C          D             G   Bm   C D
but it just can?t compete with..you baby.
           G            Bm
You?ve got everything I need,
    C          D               G   Bm   C D
And nobody can please like you do, baby.
Bm                      Am
And who believes all my wildest dreams,
       C                          D
and my craziest schemes will come true?


G                         C               G
A little ray of sunshine..A little bit of soul.
G                                      Am       Bm
Add just a touch of magic..You got the greatest thing
      C        D
since rock ?n? roll!


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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