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Transcribed By:  Kenneth Wilber

G5                             C5              G5
I see the sparkling little diamond on your hand
                                 C5           G5
It's plain to see that you've already got a man
       B5                               C5
I can see you're not about to fall for any of my lines
G5          C5                D5
I See the want to in your eyes

Deep in your smile there's a quiet, soft desire
Like the embers of a once raging fire
You know I could light that fire again, you know it isn't why
I see the want to in your eyes

G5                C5       G5
How strong's a band of gold
                C5        G5   B5           C5
Is it strong enough to hold, when a love has grown cold
And a woman wants a love, sweet and warm

How many women just like you have silent schemes,
How many men like me do they sleep with in their dreams
You can stay or you can go and although I sympathize
I still see the want to in your eyes

G5           C5               D5
I see the want to in your eyes
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