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Capo 2nd

Verse 1:
          G                 C              D         Em   C     G 
There's a house somewhere I know where the fires burn all night long
          G                    C             D           Em
There's a swing outside on the porch where I feel I could
     D        C
Rock away the dusk til the dawn
   Am                           G
And even though the wind may be howlin'
Am                        C              D
Stars are bright and they push me on and on

          C         G         D            Em 
There's a half moon rising in southeastern skies
          C         G       D                G 
There's a cold wind blowin' across the great divide
        C          G        D              Em
And the stars they guide my way across the night
          C         G       D               G                D
There's a half moon rising, pushin me on to another mountain top
D           G                 D
Push me on, no I'll never stop, push me on home
          C         G         D                    G C D Em
There's a half moon rising in southeastern skies tonight

Verse 2 (same chords as Verse 1):

Now the shoes on my feet, those soles broken down 
And my coat is tattered and worn 
And the hunger in my belly, and the fever in my head 
Will vanish 'ere my first glimpse of home 
And even though the rain may now be fallin' 
The passion is deep and pushes me on


there's a still at dawn like the sound of your love's breath 
As she lies sleeping 
Down below me now in the valley 
Is the only piece on earth that I ever want to know 
And her lips are as soft as I remember 
She alone has brought me back on home


      G                          C                      D            
e ---|---|-x-|             e ---|---|---|         e ---|-x-|---|
B ---|---|---|             B -x-|---|---|         B ---|---|-x-|
G ---|---|---|             G ---|---|---|         G ---|-x-|---|
D ---|---|---|             D ---|-x-|---|         D ---|---|---|
A ---|-x-|---|             A ---|---|-x-|         A ---|---|---|
E ---|---|-x-|             E ---|---|-o-|         E ---|---|---|

      Em                         Am
e ---|---|---|             e ---|---|---|
B ---|---|---|             B -x-|---|---|  
G ---|---|---|             G ---|-x-|---|
D ---|-x-|---|             D ---|-x-|---|
A ---|-x-|---|             A ---|---|---|
E ---|---|---|             E ---|---|---|
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