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G                  Em    
The river rolls and the river winds
       C           G                D
And it seems to do something for my peace of mind
G                                    Em
Though I didn't know it, I came here looking to find
           C               D
A place to forget about my troubles for awhile

        D               G                      C
I saw a mother with her little baby when I was walking here
        D                        G                  C
There's something 'bout a little baby that makes me laugh
D                  G
They don't seem to have a care
      C                        Em            D
And I wonder if I'm ever gonna feel that way again
                           C       D                 G
Until then, I'll find some time to spend down by the river

      Then this repeats for the other verses

I spend a lot of time looking forward
Looking back and looking down at my feet upon the ground
I fell backwards and when I opened my eyes
I found myself staring straight up in the sky
And it seemed like there was something there to learn
When I realized I had nowhere else to be
And the only sound that mattered was the wind that blowed so gentle through the trees

Such a harmony down by the river

Well I heard music, it was soft and clear
And I sang out for the first time, I didn't care who would hear
Because I found my answers in the wind and waves
And the magic in the little things that happen every day
And I played that tune on my old mandolin
And I didn't hurt at all for company

                              tabbeb by matt
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