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These chords relative to Capo 2nd fret:
Am7   = X02010
F     = 133211
C     = X32010
G     = 320033
Fsus4 = 113311
Am    = X02210

             Am7    F     C
I come on my knees
              Am7    F     C
To lay down before You
                    Am7    F     C
Bringing all that I am
                Am7    F     C
Longing only to know You
             Am7    F     C
Seeking Your face
                  Am7    F     C
And not only Your hand
             Am7    F     C
I find You embracing me
          Am7    F     C
Just as I am

G     Am7                 F
And I lift these songs to You and You alone
G    Am7               Fsus4
As I sing to You in my praises make Your home

      F  C        G
To my audience of one
        F      C           G
You are Father and You are Son
As Your Spirit flows free
Let it find within me 
    Am       F        G
A heart that beats to praise You
        F       C        G
And now just to know You more
      F       C       G
Has become my great reward
To see Your kingdom come
And Your will be done
   Am    F          G        Am7     F     C
I only desire to be Yours Lord

                Am7   F     C
So what could I bring
              Am7    F     C
To honor Your majesty
                  Fm7    F     C
What song could I sing
                             Fm7    F     C
That would move the heart of royalty
                Am7    F     C
When all that I have
                         Am7    F     C
Is this life that You�ve given me
                Am7  F     C
So, Lord let me live for You
             Am7    F     C
My song with humility

G               Am7       F
And Lord as the love song of my life is played
G      Am7                 Fsus4   
I have one desire to bring glory to Your name

This is pretty perfect just make sure your using a capo on the 2nd fret
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