• Song:

    On My Own

  • Artist:

    James Blunt

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Intro: Dm   Am   F   Am ( 2 x ) 
Dm        Am  F           Am 
I have been rejected before 
Dm             Am                 F             Am                
Trying to get another one to come in through my door 
         Dm           Am             F              Am 
She said I like it to hear, but your not gonna score 
Dm                Am                      F           Am 
I?m not gonna let you sleep with me anymore 
       Dm          Am 
And here we go again  
     F             Am 
I?m starting on my own 
Dm        Am  
26 years apart for one 
        F             Am 
And I?m standing all alone ( 2 x ) 

Dm      Am  
I?m not that bad 
F   Am           Dm  Am  F  Am 
In my, in my heart                   
I?m guilty 
And of that I confess 
I have been thinking of another girl in obsess 
I am sorry if it causes distress 
But I never loved you 
I never loved you 
Chorus ( 2 x ) 
You can judge me 
If you know me so well 
I can?t change my spots 
And won?t brake out of my shell 
They will commit me, to a lifetime in hell 
But I can?t remember where my innocence fell 
Then play the Chorus a few times and fade out...
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