• Song:

    Your Beautiful (live)

  • Artist:

    James Blunt

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intro  (these are the top three strings)  
other guitar  
G5 D5 E5 C5  
my life is brilliant  
my love is pure  
E5              C5  
i saw an angel of that im sure  
she smiled at me on the subway  
she was with another man   
but i want lose no sleep on that  
cuz i got a plan  

C5            D5  G5              C5           D5        G5  
your beautiful your beautiful your beautiful its true  
  C5         D5       C5     D5  E5         C5        D5       E5  
i saw your face ina crowded place and i dont now what to do  
    C5     D5       G5  
cuz never be with you  
this is the first verse and chours but rest of the song  

is just the same exept   
C5        E5  C5        E5  C5        E5     D5  
la la la la  la la la la  la la la la laaaa  
THIS 100% RIGHT  the studio or the one on the album  

is just the same just put a capo on 1st fret  

if you dont have a capo these are the other chords to the  

CD version  
G5 = G#5   D5 = D#5  E5 = F5  C5 = C#5
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