• Song:

    White Skin Black Heart

  • Artist:

    Midnight Oil

  • Album:

    Essential Oils

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D5        C5        Bb5       A5        G5        F5        E5       A5         
 (Riff 1) 
 D5        C5        Bb5       A5        G5        F5        E5       A5         
  : D5               C5              Bb5           A5              G5             
    1.What are you gonna do now                  Now that you started 
 F5           E5            A5           D5                C5                   
                                          What are you gonna do now 
 Bb5           A5               G5           F5           E5         A5          
                Now that it's done 
 D5               C5                 Bb5               A5                       
                    Your words got out there           They're floating a- 
 G5                      F5                 E5              A5                 
 round and coming right back down 
 D5               C5                         Bb5                 A5             
                 Are you going to leave us lying here 
 F#5                                   F5                                    
    Dealing with the consequences 
 F#5                                 F5                          N.C.          
               Of a bad sound                                   (Riff 2) 
                                G5         F5          E5         A5           
                                    White skin black heart 
 N.C.                                        G5          F5          E5         
 (Riff 2)                                       White skin black heart 
 ____________  ___________ 
 1.            2. 
 A5          :  A5          D5                                                 
                                          (vocal rant) 
 F#5                  F5                      F#5                  F5         
            : D5        C5         Bb5         A5          G5         F5           
           (Riff 1)                                       White skin black 
 E5        A5       :   :D5        C5         Bb5         A5         D5           

                              x 4 
 C5          Bb5         A5        :  F#5                  F5                   
 F#5                  F5                   F#5                     F5         
     White skin black heart                      White skin black heart 
           F#5                 F5                    :F#5                    
            You didn't have to start                      White skin black 

                  x 3 
 F5                 :  F#5                   F5                       
2.What are you gonna do now 
  Now that it's spoken 
  These words have a habit of not fading away 
  Our memory's clear 
  Conscience gets opened like a wound 
  If you can't concieve of better lines and better times 
  Then let silence bury you 
  In the end 
  You will be condemned 
Rant: You see the Boston strangler on the freedom road you think the 
  suffragettes got sunk a long long time ago you spewed it out your 
  spite was insecure it was like bile from the height on the toilet 
  floor you were a nazi drunk you had the rednecks roaring for blood 
  and then they wanted more your life was so small you couldn't get 
  enough you made a start 
Most chords are actually played as power chords (ie no 3rd played), but 
 I've put them as major and minor chords as best I can. 
Riff 1: 
  D       C       Bb      A       G       F       Em      A 
Riff 2: 
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