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DDo (xx0232@1)you curse where you came from 
Emdo (022000@1)you swear in the night
Emwould (022000@1)it mean much to you
Dif (xx0232@1)i treat you right

Em (022000@1)                Dthink (xx0232@1)slow jane, make sense
Em (022000@1)               Dslow (xx0232@1)slow jane, cross the fence
G (320003@1)      CDo (x32010@1)it for you
G (320003@1)                            FSure (133211@1)that you would do the same for me one day
G (320003@1)         Cso (x32010@1)try to be true
G (320003@1)                   Feven (133211@1)if its only in your hazey wayyyy
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