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By Cormac O Mordha for HJR.

Real easy and excellent song.

The acoustic chords for the intro and verse are E,C#m and Asus.

The chorus is Asus, E and B.

Verse 1

(E)I know its not really fair but I've gotta be (C#m)selfish in this (Asus)thing
(E)And you do too cause its (C#m)all for us in the (Asus)long run
(E)And the stupid thing is I don't know (C#m)what I want
(Asus)I don't even know what I'm (E)trying to achieve
I'm hurting (C#m)both of us for some (Asus)greater good

(Asus)But what do I know I'd rather (E)leave it up to (B)fate
Cause my(Asus) head's making choices that my (E)heart just cannot (B)take
But there was(Asus) something inside I could (E)feel it in my (B)soul
And it(Asus) grows...

Verse 2 same chords as before

Been walking round in a daze making rash decisions at ease
I'm scaring myself because I'm afraid I'll change my mind again
And the stupid thing is I know I'm worse without you
I know that I'll be tired and alone but I've gotta find out on my own
So I did what I thought was right yeah I did what I thought was right

Chorus X2

Finish off strumming the Asus. Strumming pattern is easy to figure out if you listen.
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