• Song:

    Anyone But You

  • Artist:

    Alexz Johnson

  • Album:

    Songs From Instant Star...

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Anyone But You\

No chords
Sick Of the lines that fade in me 
I'll never know what to believe
In a world thats crushing me 
youre the only one i see
G                  D
I dont change my mind for anybody
Am                 C
I wont waste my time one just anybody
G                D                   Am
I wont share my life with anyone but you
Am             C                     G                       
Its such long way  *with anyone but you*
   G        C                     Am      
i couldnt follow   *with anyone but you*
Am                C
never anyone but you

They put my poster on the wall
they watch it way for to fall
They think they made me who I am
but they dont know me at all

 Chorus 2x

no chords

They build you up so high
till you can hardly see the stars beneath your feet
dont fall into the cloud
They' ll be last to catch me 

Oooohh  ohhhhhhh  ooooh oooooooooohhh ohhhhhhhhhhh 

Chorus 2x
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