• Song:

    Liar Liar

  • Artist:

    Alexz Johnson

  • Album:

    Songs From Instant Star...

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Okay..I took the chords that I thought sounded good on guitar and transposed them on
and it sounded atleast 99% correct..Im not to sure about the chorus though. It sounds
good though if you play it along with the song. There are some different strumming 
that you can use to get a more desired sound. But anyway please have patience with me cuz I
tab very often..and I think this is like my third one haha! This is VERY easy!

Standard tunning
No Capo

*No "up-strumming" until the chorus*

Verse 1: (Strum the top 3 or 4 strings. Whichever one sounds best to you)

Am                      Em
You said I____was your everything
Am                    Em
You said I____was the one
Am                     Em
You played me____like a radio
 Am                              Em
You used to love that I____had no shame

Pre Chorus: (Full strum)
Am     Em        Am
Put my pain into words
        Em               Am(hold strum)
Hold my hand to the flame

Chrous: (Full both up and down strumming pattern)
                 Am        C
Tell me you love me like a star
            G                     D
Tell me you want me wherever you are
        Am                           C
Tell me you'll breathe me till your last breath
        G          D(1)   (Repeat the chords in the verse so it flows)
Liar liar_______Oh, Liar__Liar

Thats pretty much it. Its the same thing throughout the rest of the song, and scince
song doesnt have a bridge than you pretty much should know what to do with the rest of it.

If you need any extra help the strumming pattern is listed here:

Verse 1&2: DDDD...just repeat down strum the whole time
Pre-Chorus: THe same as the verses
Chorus: DDDDDDDDU (repeat through chorus)

*And for those who like to count beats..you can strum in 16th notes but slow the tempo down!*
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