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    Alexz Johnson

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This is the new beautiful song Mary of Alexz Johnson! This my first tab i'm sure at 95% 
it's correct. I've watched this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fcDeD3jUnA  for 
find the chords and the rythmics.

Intro: G Cadd9 / Am C /

Verse: G / Cadd9 / G / Cadd9 / Am / C / Am / C /x2 and  D* for transition

Chorus: G / Cadd9 / Am / C x2

Intro: G Cadd9 / Am C /

Verse : G / Cadd9 / G / Cadd9 / Am / 
C / Am / C / D*

Chorus: G / Cadd9 / Am / C x2

Bridge: Am / Em / F*  C /  C/G  / 
Am / Em / F* / C

Chorus: G / Cadd9 / Am / C x2

Ending: G  Cadd9 / G Cadd9 / G let ring

Mary doesn't like nobody
She a real sad case
See Mary's like her lucky charms
Ya Mary doesn't know her place

The girl can't sleep
That Mary she can be real weak
She's got a heart of gold
But Mary thinks she's getting old

See Mary doesn't know somebody
Loves her more than life itself
She doesn't know somebody
Keeps a picture of her on their shelf

Mary doesn't know somebody
See's her eyes and begins to melt
Mary we'll wait
It's not too late

She doesn't know what she's missing
All the boys she'd be kissing
But she's deep in her head
C'mon Mary get your ass out of bed

I know I've read it in a story
But Mary never seems to bore me
She doesn't want to belong
Her mission is to prove you wrong


Mary will come back someday
She'll find a way
There will come a day, I know
Mary will know what to do
She's breaking through

Alexz play a different position for the chords D* and F*

D* = 0-5-4-0-3-0----------| dont play the E strings
F* = 3-3-2-0-1-0-|

and she change the rythmics between the intro and the verse.
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