• Song:

    Winters Love

  • Artist:

    Animal Collective

  • Album:

    Sung Tongs

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-Winter's Love-

on the album version, it starts in Eb. After the harmonizing intro section, there's that
section before they start singing the lyrics. They change to D for this section. And
last part, where they sing the words, it is in E.

not too hard to pull off if you have it in open D

or if you're using barre chords, tune all your strings down a full step.

i don't use the open tuning, just to get a different sound. so, i play it like this.

all chords are relative to the guitar being tuned down a full step.

beginning progression
STARTS in the middle of progression like this:
F, F, Am, C, Dm
Bb, C7, F, C7
then main progression:
F, Am, C, Dm
F, C7, F, F
F, Am, C, Dm
Bb, C7, F, C7 x4
F, Am, C, Dm

after break, at fast strummed middle section:
E over and over again, till you get the alternating chords:
F#, C#7, F#, C#7, F#, C#7
F#, Bbm, C#, Ebm
F#, C#7, F#, F#
F#, Bbm, C#, Ebm
B, C#7, F#, C#7 x6
till the very end, then
F#, C#7 x7
then end with F#
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