• Song:

    New Arrangement

  • Artist:

    Bright Eyes

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A New Arrangement - Bright Eyes

Appears on Every Day and Every Night (1999)

- Chords used -

Am [x02210]
C* [x32030]  (Cadd9)
C  [x32010]
Em [022000]
G  [320033]


- Notes - 

While playing Em, heavily pick/pluck the D-string hard, listen to the song for timing.

After two rounds of chords Conor adds in a slide on the D-string, fret 2 -> fret 4, Once again
listen to the song to get the timing right.


Em          C* G     A few times

If you could change your days
                                  C*   G
Arranging them in some sweet new sequence
Em                                           C*  G
Like any new arrangement's gonna to make a difference
'Cause it's the moment that you're living in
                      C*  G
And not the one that follows
Em                                     C*      G
That makes this mess you're cleaning in your head

Em          C* G 

And time still drags you forward
                    C*  G
Though you keep resisting
Know it's what you leave behind
                    C*  G
You'll soon start missing
And the people you once counted on
                     C*  G
Now say it's all depending
Em                           C*    G       Em
On how you act and how you treat yourself
                    C    G
...And that's not very well

Am               Em
So baby, when I call for you
C              G       Em                    C*  G
I want you to come explain yourself to everyone

Em          C* G 

You nod in an acknowledgement
                    C*  G
Of your frequent mood swings
Yeah what good's an acknowledgement
                    C*  G
It still don't change things
We tried all forms of encouragement
                  C*  G
But it's still no better
Em                               C*  G   Em
You just can't seem to fake or force a smile
                  C   G
...Not even a little one

Am               Em
But baby, when I call for you 
C              G       Em                 
I want you to come and lay it out for everyone
Am              Em   
Exactly how it was before
C           G
Any of this happened
Am               C      D             Em
And why you can't leave it behind

  C             G            Am                Em
...Now don't just, don't just sit there when I call to you
  C           G
I told you to come and

Em                                                     C
Lay it out for, don't feel awkward lay it out for everyone

Tabbed by Vincent Molin 2012
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