• Song:

    Synesthete Song

  • Artist:

    Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band

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One of Conor's apocalyptic numbers... gotta be careful with that acid.

Intro: variations on Em, play around with dissonance, make it foreboding: 
Em, Em7, Em/Bb, etc...  

Em          G
Harbor Ann, take me as I am
  Am               G
A flame reduced to ash
C                 D  
Laugh as my years taken from me
Em            G
Winter's day, am I in your way?
    Am               G
You press against my skin
C               D              C6
All the flowery speeches ended fast
Clinking glass
The champagne made my head feel light 
    Am           C
And overcast the stars 

[repeat chords for other verses]

Paper crane, tell me it's OK
Opera glasses view
Kaleidoscope of now and never
Gaia's love, schizophrenia
The devil's in my coat
Mothership coming to pick me up
Just my luck
They got my house surrounded
I'm the only one I trust

    C             Em
The dark light of man
    C             Em
The dark light of man
    C             Em
The dark light of man
    C            Em
The dark let him in

Synesthete, can I confide in thee? 
The color is the sound
The screams were orange
My footsteps silver
Secret plan, man, I'll tell you if I can
The evils of this world are at your doorstep
Let me enter, friend, understand
We have come to the convergence
Now all the paths combine
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