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"I'm trouble" she said 
 Bm                            D  
Spread out on the floor of her father's house
 Gm                    A 
Her promise was almost undone
 D                 Bm                    Db 
Under her tongue, dissolving her responsibilities
 Gbm              A       Gbm                   A 
To finally deny everyone with unflattering comparison

D         A
All grown up
        G          A
And you don't care anymore
D                    A               G       E
And you hate all the people that you used to adore
D                       A                      G            
And you despise all the rumors and lies of the life you led

Did I hear you right?\
Gm                         A
You're feeling hounded and pushed around
    G                          E
You want to just lay down and die
   Gbm                   A                    E
If all of this life has been such a big disappointment to you
E                               G
Why don't you stop blaming some guy
E                           G
And go give the next one a try


But look at yourself
You'll see you're still so young
You haven't earned the weariness
That sounds so jaded on your tongue

"I'm weak" she says
And blesses herself and gets into bed
Clutching the covers to her throat
"So punish me now and let me go back to the sham of my life"
"This night is the perfect antidote for all of the poison that
you wrote"

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