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From: William Vaughan 
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 1995 10:16:47 -0400 (EDT)

Big Boys (demo)

I am starting to function
In the usual way
Everything is so provocative
Very very, temporary

I shall walk (I shall walk)
Out of this place (out of this place)
I shall walk

Out on you
'Cause you go silly
If she's willing

      B   A                   E
Trying so hard to be like the big boys

So you take her to the pictures

Trying to become a fixture

Inch by inch trying to reach her

All the way through the second feature

C                   D
Worrying about your physical fitness

C               D                  A            E
Tell me how you got this sickness, Oh ohhhh..

I was caught in the suction
By a face like a truncheon
I was down upon one knee
Stroking her vanity

I was stuck on a hammerhead
I came alive and left for dead
As my face returned to red
Choking on my pride and pity

We can talk (we can talk)
Until your face is blue ('til your face is blue)

We can talk but she'll get to you
After you've been loved and hated
By the ones you've watched and waited
Found that they were overrated

B             E                      A
She'll be the one - when the party's over

B             E                         A
She'll be the one - when the girls have gone home

B             E                               A
She'll be the one - that you'll wish you'd held onto

B             E                  A
She'll be the one - but it's too late for you to

B             E                        A
She'll be the one - who knows all your history

B             E
She'll be the one -

So you can cross her off your list

           B   A
And you try so hard

           B   A
And you try so hard

           B   A
And you try so hard

To be like the big boys
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