• Song:

    Nails In My Feet

  • Artist:

    Crowded House

  • Album:

    Nails in My Feet (disc ...

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Nails In My Feet Chords by Crowded House

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From: Ming Koh 
Subject: Chords for "Nails In My Feet"

(Neil Finn)

As performed by Crowded House on the album "Together Alone"

*Capo 3rd fret

My life is a house
you crawl through the window
     E                                       Am
slip across the floor and into the reception room
               Am              Bdim
you enter the place of endless persuasion
like a knock on the door
when there's ten or more things to do

               C     F     Em    G
Who is that calling?
               C     F     Em    G
you my companion
               C       F       E
run to the water on a burning beach
       Am         E
and it brings me relief

Pass through the walls
to find my intentions
circle 'round in a strange, hypnotic state
I look into space
there is no connection
a million points of light
and a conversation I can't face

Cast me off one day
to lose my inhibition
sit like a lap dog on a matron's knee
         Am             E    Am   E
wear the nails on your feet

I woke up the house
stumbled in sideways
the lights went on and everybody screamed "Surprise!"
the savage review
it left me gasping
but it warms my heart to see that you can do it too

Total surrender
your touch is so tender
                     C       F        G
your skin is like water on a burning beach
                     C    F   Em   G
and it brings me relief

                     C    F   G
Like a night in your mind
it brings me relief

in the back door
under the stars
and the scenery is my floor
in the back room
under the stars
and the scenery is my floor

Bdim    x2343x
(I actually prefer Bm7b5 because it's easier to finger: x2323x)

The C F Em G progression on the chorus can be substituted with
C C/F C/E G for an interesting-sounding variation.

C/F     132010  (just an open C with F as the root)
C/E     032010  (likewise, you include the low E)

Lyrics courtesy of Crowded House/Tongue in the Mail:

Ming Koh
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