• Song:

    Even Though

  • Artist:

    Darren Criss

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G5            -/F5         E5 *
Even though I was blind before. 
                                A5 *
I've realized there is so much more. 
                     G5 *            A5 *              C5                                 
And it was always deep down in the core of me, I know it now. 
G5                -/F5         E5 *                                  A5 *
And even though it seems to much to take, there's a feeling I can't seem to shake. 
    C5              Bb5 *              C5          G5 *                   G5
I feel like I'm reading the signs, cause I know that I'm coming around. 

Interlude:  Bb5

 G5               F5         D5           C5     C5
I thought I wanted someone perfect as could be. 
G5               F5           D5                D5       D5
When what I needed was the one, who was perfect for me. 
G5                    -/F5     E5 *
Even though it used to seem so wrong, 
                             A5 *
I've taken you for granted far too long.
             C5                   D5 
I'm falling right into the denouement. 
And now, I'm breaking ground. 
G5                          -/F5    E5 *
Even though I felt it from the start, 
                                   A5 *
It's only now, we're beating with one heart. 
       C5                     Bb5
I'm sure that now it's the time 
         C5        G5
Cause I know that I'm , 

I dont know from here on out, there is a solo, and it changes key........


The sun is starting to shine. 

Cause I know that I'm , 

I'm coming around
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