• Song:

    The Coolest Girl

  • Artist:

    Darren Criss

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INTRO  C Em Dm7 x2   
Verse 1 
C         Em         Dm7     F 
All my dreams I'm chasing after, 
C               Em   Dm7     F 
They don't need all this laughter          
             F                    Em 
I take a grain of salt a stiff upper lip      
     Dm7                    Am7 
It's not their fault I'm not as hip 
F                          Em                        Fm 
Wake up kid, you know you're more than this   

C                Em     Dm7             F 
I'm the smartest person that I've ever met 
C           Em              Dm7          F 
So why do I allow myself to possibly forget 
F                      Em         Dm7               Am 
There's so much I know how to do, so much more than all of you 
F                Em               D7              
The only thing I wish I knew was how to make them see 
Dm                  G 
the girl that I can be    

C             Dm                       F 
I am , the coolest girl in the whole wide world 
  Am                         C              F 
I know it but can't show it, at all 
Am - C  F                      Fm 
I am , sick and tired of low, not higher 
Am                 G           D7 
places, where I should belong 
F                        G                 Ab  F7 
It's about time I proved them wrong   

Verse 2 
Give me a shot to show what I've got 
I'm a hell of a whole lot more 
than this frizzy hair, these frumpy clothes I wear 
              G                                           A 
though I rock 'em like nobody you've seen before   

Chorus 2 
           D              Em                      G 
'Cause I am , the coolest girl in the whole wide world
   Bm       D         G 
I know it, below it all 
Bm - D  G                     Gm 
I am , done with losing, on with choosing  

       G                           F#m 
The coolest girl on the face of the planet, 
       Bm                     E    
The coolest bitch on earth, god damn it 
       G                             F#m           Bm       A 
The coolest chick you've ever seen or heard 
     G                    F#m 
So you can try to bring me down, 
Bm                   E 
sorry guys, I'm stickin' around 
      G                        A 
I've thought about it, and I've found   
     G A            G   A    D  Em **  Bb5  C  D 
That I am , the coolest girl

e | --3-- | 
B | --3-- | 
G | --0-- | 
D | --2-- | 
A | --2-- | 
E | --0-- |
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