• Song:

    It Aint Easy

  • Artist:

    David Bowie

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IT AIN'T EASY from Ziggy Stardust

INTRO: D/A  A  D/A  A  D/A  A  D/A  A

         D/A                         A
When you climb to the top of the mountain
D/A               A
Look out over the sea 
D/A             A                      D/A             A
Think about the places perhaps where a young man could be
         D/A                   A
Then you jump back down to the rooftops
D/A               A
Look out over the town
D/A                    C       A      D/A                A
Think about all of the strange things circulating round 

C        A     C        A
It ain't easy, it ain't easy
C        Cm               D                              A
It ain't easy to get to heaven when you're going down

             D/A                   A
Well all the people have got their problems
D/A                A
That ain't nothing new
D/A                  A         D/A                A
With the help of the good Lord we can all pull on through
       D/A           A
We can all pull on through
D/A              A
Get there in the end
D/A                      A            D/A                   A
Sometimes it'll take you right up and sometimes down again


     D/A           A
Satisfaction, satisfaction
D/A            A
Keep me satisfied
D/A                    A                         D/A            A   
I've got the love of a Hoochie Coochie woman she calling from inside
        D/A             A
She's a-calling from inside
D/A              A
Trying to get to you
D/A           A                    D/A                     A
All the woman really wants you can give her something too


OUTRO: D/A  A  D/A  A  C  D  A
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