• Song:

    The Prettiest Star

  • Artist:

    David Bowie

  • Album:

    The Best of David Bowie...

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(I submitted this unregistered by accident, which explains why there are two)

I've found a few versions of this song which had some wrong chords and weird
changes. I'm about 99% sure this is correct. 

         F(verse (133211@1)1)Cold fire, you've got everything but 
(verse 2)So tired, it's the sky that makes you 

cold fire You will be my rest and 
Feel tired It's a trick to make you 
A ___________________________________C
peace child    I moved up to take a place near you
see wide, It can all but break your heart in pieces

Staying back in your memory
Are the movies in the past
G7How (320001@1)you moved is all it takes
      C_______________ Bbm
To sing a song of when I loved
AThe (x02220@1)Prettiest Star

-the third (same as fourth) Verse is here for convenience

One day though it might
as well be someday
You and I will rise up all the way
All because of what you are
The Prettiest Star

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