not 100% sure, but i just wanted to share it with you.

Em: 022000
G: 320003
C: 030210
em*: this might be an F:133211

Intro: Em, G, C (hammer ons on the b string with pinkey with c chord)

G        C
autistic brother
G             C
refridgerator mother
Em        G          
PIlls all across the floor
the inside of your medicine drawer
Em          G          C
The outside, looking in
Em    G               C
going through the eye sockets
     Em              G           C
steel walls and grey wrinkels of flesh
Em               G              C
litheum among us neurons firing bloodcodes pass from family to family 
   Em               G                C
and everyone of the other side of the wall
Em*          G                C
search for a need in a sea of haze   
       Em*                           G                 C
and we poke and prod, poke and prod, poke and prod and poke and prod, 
Em       G                        F
we don't understand what makes us up
Em             G              C
social science all are social fuck-ups

play intro 2x

G       C
sad sad sister
G          C
frustrated father
Em            G            C
do you need a place to go, do you need a room to hide in 
Em            G           C
cocktail combinations the injection
Em           G               C
lost like an eel in a sea of hay
    Em*                 G                C
and stacks of bills prescripitons pills something in the way
F         Em   
mhhh mhhhh mhhhh
                     G                          C (end the song on this C chord)
the distance betweed ourself and what we see as sick
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